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School Wide Behavior Plan

The following behaviors are unacceptable at Murrell School. Each behavior and the consequences are outlined below. THESE PROCEDURES ARE SCHOOL WIDE. They will be followed as given unless approved by the principal. EACH OF THE FOLLOWING STEPS WILL INCLUDE PROBLEM SOLVING.

Physical Aggression – aggression towards others THAT IS HARMFUL IN INTENT or has serious potential to injury (hitting, throwing objects, fighting, kicking, biting, spitting, play fighting,)

-Remove student from area and other students
-1 hour in ISS
-No points earned while in ISS

Gang Related Offense- any gesture (i.e hand signs), inappropriate clothes, and/or drawings that is suspicious of gang affiliation or claming gang affiliation.

-1 hour in ISS

Disrespecting Others' Property – stealing, destruction of property (i.e., writing on desks, walls, damaging textbooks or other school property)

-Use of points to replace stolen or destroyed item (classroom team will determine replacement point value of stolen or broken small item. For larger items refer to the principal.)
-Parent informed (verbally or in writing)
-Clean or repair damaged area or materials

Disrespect – cursing, name calling, inappropriate sexual remarks, non violent physical acts

-Isolation for 30 minutes
-No points earned during isolation

Sexually Acting Out – touching someone else or touching self in a sexual manner, inappropriate sexual behavior, or exposing self

-Student is taken to the office
-Class team will consult with administration to decide further action (parent informed, notifying DCS)

Leaving Building or school grounds– student leaves school building or grounds.

-Police notified at principal discretion
-Loss of privilege to move around the school building independently for the remainder of that school day
-Develop a safety plan with the child
-1 hour ISS
-No points are earned while out of designated area

Leaving Designated Area –student leaves classroom or other area without permission

-Notify office (someone on classroom team should follow and keep student in sight)
-30 minutes ISS
-Loss of points while student is not in the designated area
-Problem solve

Assault on Staff – an INTENTIONAL attack, not the result of the student trying to get out of a containment, staff and administration will reach consensus on whether an assault occurred. If the incident is ruled an assault it will be treated as a zero tolerance offense.

Consequences (if assault occurred):
-Student removed
-Suspension addendum scheduled
-Student suspended until addendum held

Threats – students verbally or physically threatens to hurt someone or something *(SEVERAL THREATS MAY BE MADE DURING THE SAME INCIDENT BUT THEY WILL COUNT AS ONLY ONE OFFENSE)

-30 minutes in ISS

Consequences for Any Bus X’s:
- Loss of points, no extra food from cafeteria
-Refer to discipline plan for appropriate consequences (i.e., use same consequences for physical aggression on bus as used for physical aggression)
- Sit at bus X table at lunch
-Problem solve with adult verbally/in writing identifying bus rules broken and solutions

Standard School Attire (SSA) Students must comply with the Metro Schools Standard School Attire policy.

Consequences for violation of SSA policy during the school day:
-First time: verbal warning
-Second time: loss of points and isolation until compliant
-Third time: elimination of Mustang club and cannot . earn that week toward graduation.

Consequences for violation of SSA policy when arriving at school
-Dress in appropriate school attire given by the staff for use during that School day
-Students with spend their shopping points for use of these clothes.

Tops, pants or shorts will be 100 points each.
Belts will be 50 points.

These purchases can occur 2 times a semester. If the student is still out of compliance he/she will be refereed to the principal.